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Immediately implement a world-class development curriculum for your organization

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Our Culture Academy courses deliver the core principles for crafting an engaged culture. Now, you can immediately implement a world-class development curriculum for your organization. We’ve done the research and hard work of design for you.

The Culture Academy curriculum brings to life the three vital pillars of a high-performance culture: Accountability, Respect, and Collaboration

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three vital pillars of
a high-performance culture
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Accountability is required for a sustained commitment to excellence…

A man and a woman in a business handshake agreement


Respect a core universal value in every workplace….

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The new paradigm of leadership calls for creating…

Academy in-house
Bring the Culture Academy in-house

It’s now possible to conduct an extensive roll-out of our programs in-house using your team. We can train your own instructors to expertly deliver any of the Culture Academy courses. Our “train-the-trainer” model ensures quick mastery of course material and proficient delivery of the content. Contact us for more information.

Elective workshops
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Learn more about Brainstorming design and facilitation

Project Team Excellence

Learn about communication and strategic planning via a 3-part “huddle” system

Building Trust and Influence

This workshop is a Guide for Leaders

Selecting the Best

How to Hire for Optimal Culture Fit

Professional Presentations

How to Develop and Deliver Professional Presentations

Gettysburg Leadership Experience

This workshop is an advanced “living laboratory” case study in leadership


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